I do love this place. The ladies behind the counter are patient and happy!! Great coffee!!! Yummy Portuguese sandwiches. Like like to rate the pastries, but I don't eat sweets. Everyone else that I go with says...Yum.

Kelli Rapoza

You cannot go wrong with stopping here for breakfast or brunch. Dessert, snack or coffee. The cutest little place and the choices are endless. Great breads and pastries. Lattes are delicious too...

Diane sousa

Barcelos Bakery is one of the best priced bakeries in Fall River. They also serve the best pastries small sandwiches and have recently renovated their Bakery. They have two sizes of sweet bread as well as a gigantic cup of coffee. Definitely a family-friendly environment, very clean, very new, and lots of choices. They have a men's and ladies room as well as parking on the side of the building. About 5 minutes off of 195.

Ken Boostrom

Amazing love this bakery and Tatiana was so sweet and helpful. Great customer service.

Tiffany De Jesus

Great staff that are vey helpful. Everything looks so good it's hard to choose . The coffee and espresso are 9n point. If you want something sweet and some great caffeine to was it do then this is the spot

Josh Cabral

There's not a lot of reason's to go to F.R., this is one of them. Skip the traditional coffee and get the capacino. It's possible to decide what to order from the 3 display cases of baked goods. So far I've not been disappointed.

Ron noto-moniz

Great bakery, pleasant sit down environment, very well priced

Ruben Fagundo

The sweetbread straight out of the oven is one of the few true joys left for us in 2020. It feels like magic and smells like happiness.

Cara Valla McAvoy

Great food and great coffee in a friendly atmosphere. Been going there for years and consistently great!

T. Patrick Relihan